50 El Potro

This year, El Potro is celebrating its 50th anniversary. For the last fifty years, we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to the production of handcrafted leather goods and fashion accessories. This endeavour was commenced in Ubrique by Antonio Oliva and José Pérez, and it is still continued nowadays by us, their sons. Such venture prompted these highly motivated young Andalusian entrepreneurs to start from scratch a brand of leather handbags, at a time when all the major fashion brands producing in leather operated exclusively internationally.

The determination and good work of these craftsmen made of El Potro the brand that we are today. We are present on all major online shopping platforms and concessions at department stores, while also being part of an extensive domestic network.

The company has always aimed to capture our passion for nature and the equestrian world. During this journey, the brand has always kept intact its essence and quality standards in traditional craftsmanship.

For 50 years, we have committed ourselves to local handmade production in Spain, what remains our main principle and ultimate goal up to this day. Our handbags and accessories are still produced by highly skilled craftsmen in Ubrique, Andalusia, with the same love and dedication as in the early years. Sales channels might have changed, but the modern customer of El Potro still values the quality of a carefully crafted piece made in Spain, just like in the past days.

Such quality standards were captured in legendary collections such us Potro Padre and Potro Lona, which still bring back memories from our humble beginnings as leather smiths. And this is what encourages us to keep growing in quality and design, while also continuing the carefully crafted legacy of our parents in each of the handbags and wallets they produced.

Potro Lona
Potro Padre

This year we want to celebrate with you this anniversary of ours and yours: we would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in our brand with special offers and exclusive products.

This year we will keep working:

For El Potro and to El Potro, for You and to You.

Thank you